• Volunteers gather for Owasso CARES Day of Service Fall 2017
  • Volunteers pose at project sign at Owasso CARES Day of Service
  • Volunteers unload wheelbarrow of tree limbs into refuse truck
  • Volunteers carry tree limbs to refuse truck
  • Volunteers pick up tree limbs to load in to wheelbarrow
  • Volunteer carrying tree limbs
  • Volunteers trimming shrubs
  • Volunteers painting fire hydrant
  • Volunteers gather for Owasso CARES Day of Service Spring 2017
  • Volunteer trimming tree
  • Volunteer trimming shrubs
  • Volunteer holding barrel removed from neighborhood pond
  • Volunteer painting fire hydrant
  • Volunteers cleaning debris from neighborhood pond
  • Volunteers loading tree debris into yard waste truck
  • Volunteers picking up litter along 86th Street

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