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Block Party Registration Form

  1. 24th Annual Owasso Block Party - September 12, 2020. Deadline to register is Friday, August 28.

    Block Party Captains receive a free t-shirt. Additional t-shirts can be purchased. Submit orders to the Neighborhood Coordinator.

  2. Contact Information

  3. Party Time

  4. All block parties should end and have barricades removed by 9:00 PM

  5. Party Location

  6. Please be as specific as possible with party location.

  7. Is this the first time your block has held a block party?

  8. Note

    All requests for barricades and visits from Police, Fire, or Public Works Department must be received by the City of Owasso by August 28, 2020. These requests are only applicable for the September 12, 2020 city-wide block party event. It is anticipated that there may be more requests for Police, Fire, and Refuse vehicles than can be filled. We will coordinate your request with the appropriate department and honor as many requests as possible.

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    You may also mail or hand deliver the completed registration form to: City of Owasso Attention: Jerry Fowler 200 S. Main P.O. Box 180 Owasso, OK 74055

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