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Owasso Fire Prevention Association Knox Box Request

  1. The Owasso Fire Prevention Association (OFPA) provides residential Knox Boxes, which is a secure emergency access program developed for fire departments and property owners. This is a loaner program for Owasso citizens of advanced age or special needs that may have a history of falls, recent illness, or who may live alone. The Owasso Fire Prevention Knox Box program is dedicated to the Owasso Fire/EMS response area. The Knox Boxes are the property of the Owasso Fire Prevention Association and cannot be relocated without permission. These boxes are limited, and assigned by need and availability. The applicants will be contacted by e-mail or telephone upon receipt, availability, and approval of the request. The Owasso Knox Box program has been made possible by generous donations from Owasso citizens.
  2. (Example: recent surgery, elderly, disabled, lives alone, history of falls, etc.)
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