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  1. Owasso No Knock List

    This form allows residents to sign up for the No Knock List. This is a list of addresses door to door vendors may NOT visit. The... More…

  2. Report A Concern

    This form is being used in lieu of the Request Tracker during the City's website redesign.

  3. Talent Bank Application

    This is a useful tool to aid the Owasso City Council when filling vacancies on various Citizen Boards and Committees. The Talent Bank... More…

  1. Owasso No Knock Opt Out

    This form is for residents who have signed up to be added to the No Knock List, but now wish to be removed from the list. If you are... More…

  2. Solicitors Non-Profit Organization Registration

    The Solicitors Ordinance was amended to include a No Knock List effective August 1, 2015. This service is a courtesy available to all... More…

  3. Timmy & Cindy Project