First-time park reservations require the user to register online, then confirm the registration via email. For questions on park shelter reservations, call 918-376-1516. Website registration is not required for reservation of Old Central facility; please use the contact information on the facilities page.
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Old Central


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Old Central Auditorium
  3. Old Central Kitchen (Serving / Prep Storage Only)
  4. Old Central North Hall
  5. Parking
  6. Tables w/ 8 Chairs

Event Rental Price List(1) 




4-Hour Minimum per Day(3)

Additional Time Per Day Rental

North Hall (Tile Floor)

Approx 27’W X 50’L





$35.00 per hour


Auditorium (Carpeted w/stage) Approx 60’W X 60’L





$45.00 per hour


Kitchen (Includes extra large icemaker, 1 food warming cabinet, 1 microwave oven, coffee maker, and large commercial refrigerator)






$25.00 per hour



(1)       Prices for an event are based upon those in effect at the time of payment of the refundable damage deposit.


(2)     Deposit is a refundable damage deposit.  The deposit cannot be applied to the facility rental fee.  


(3)       In the case of events requiring the use of the facility for more than one day, a separate 4-Hour Minimum charge is applied for each day rented regardless of the number of hours used each day.  Additional hours per day beyond the 4-Hour Minimum will be charged at the applicable rate shown above.  



Rental & Setup Fees

Round Table (60” diameter) w/8 chairs or less

$12.50 per table with chairs

Round Table (60” diameter) no chairs

$5.00 per table

Rectangular Table (6 ft long) w/8 chairs or less


$12.50 per table with chairs

Rectangular Table (6 ft long) no chairs

$5.00 per table

Chairs (not part of a set with a table), i.e. rows of chairs


$1.25 per chair


Additional Fees:


Dance Floor Rental From City of Owasso             $350.00

18’ X 18’ Parquet Wood Floor

(Required if dancing is desired in the Auditorium.   As an alternative, renting party may use a dance floor brought into Old Central by outside vendors or by the renting party.)


The City of Owasso does not have any table linens or tableware available for rental.          

For the purposes of discussion with a DJ or other instrumentalists, the receptacles in the Auditorium share three 20 AMP circuits with the rest of the west side of the building (this includes all the lights on that side of the building in North Hall, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.).   No generators are allowed to be hooked up inside or outside of the building.