Employee Behavioral Health Benefits

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Do you ever feel like you are just trying to survive? At times, life can be challenging for everyone, and our mental health and well-being may be impacted as a result. 

When we, our spouses, or our children are having a hard time, Behavioral Health benefits can act as a bridge to help move beyond feeling stressed and stuck in our emotions. These Behavioral Health resources provide support for everyday life's needs with the goal to build resiliency and to help us thrive at work, home, and school.

The City offers employees a variety of Behavioral Health benefits, including in-person, by phone, and virtually, all with the common goal of supporting the individual and family.

With $0 copay or no cost options, there is no reason to put off equipping yourself and your loved ones with resources that can help manage thoughts, feelings, experiences, behaviors, and relationships. If your preference is in-person counseling, but you are unable to get scheduled quickly, a virtual option could provide more immediate care until a face-to-face appointment is available.

All Behavioral Health benefits options are personalized and confidential.


AETNA Counseling Services are available for a $0 copay through in-network providers (both Standard and Premium plans).  To locate an in-network provider, log into your www.AETNA.com account or download the AETNA app.

CommunityCare EAP (Employee Assistance Program) counselors are available to employee and dependents at no cost to the employee.  Benefits include up to six visits per issue, per individual, per calendar year.  If continued services are needed, EAP counselors can assist with locating an in-network counselor through AETNA.  For an appointment call 918-594-5232 or send a message through www.ccok.com/EAP.

First Responder Support Services (FRSS) specializes in emergency services and is designed to support the emotional health and well-being of employees within the police and fire departments and their immediate family members at no cost to you.  For more information go to www.FRSupport.net. Or, for an appointment call 918-749-0034.


TELADOC Mental Health provides employees and dependents age 13 and over with virtual access to a national network of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.  TELADOC Mental Health services are available to employees and dependents enrolled in AETNA coverage through the City with a $0 copay.  For an appointment visit www.Teladoc.com/Aetna, call 1-855-TELADOC (835-2362), or download the TELADOC app.

AbleTo provides a personalized 8-week program, including virtual therapy and coaching, scheduled at a time that works for you, day or night.  Programs include stress management, building resiliency, addressing depression, and managing anxiety.  AbleTo is available at no cost to employees and dependents enrolled in AETNA coverage through the City.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit www.AbleTo.com/Aetna or call 1-844-330-3648.

Brightline is a behavioral and mental health service for kids and teens via virtual coaching and virtual therapy. Brightline begins as young as 18 months old up to 17 years of age, depending on the service needed.  Brightline’s services are designed to support kids, teens, and their families—including behavior therapy, coaching, and medication support.   Brightline also provides parents and caregivers with access to video resources and coaching programs.   Brightline is available to families at no cost who have dependents under the age of 18 enrolled in AETNA coverage through the City. To sign up, go to www.HelloBrightline.com/Aetna.


Recognizing the stress finances can place on individuals and families, the City of Owasso offers online access to Dave Ramsey's financial wellness program at no cost to employees. SmartDollar is designed to help individuals save for emergencies, start budgeting, get out of debt, and reach their financial goals. SmartDollar accounts are offered by household and can be used by spouses.

To sign up, go to www.SmartDollar.com/start and enter the Company Keyword (contact Human Resources for the keyword).


If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate help, please dial 9-1-1.
If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, dial 9-8-8 to be connected to the 988 Lifeline.