Ambulance Subscription

The City of Owasso is excited to offer every resident not paying for ambulance service on their utility bill the opportunity to participate in the City's ambulance subscription program.

The City of Owasso, through the Emergency Medical Services provided by the Fire Department, is committed to providing quality, affordable emergency ambulance care as a service to all residents of Owasso.

The ambulance subscription, when purchased, covers you and all members of your household as many times as emergency service is needed during the year. When called, the Fire Department will respond, treat and transport the patient to the appropriate medical facility. Please be aware that this is for emergency medical services only.

As a City of Owasso Ambulance subscriber, we will only bill your Primary and Secondary Insurance providers. Payment from a subscriber's insurance will satisfy your obligation to the city for service costs. Non-Subscribers are responsible for payment in full for services, regardless of the amount covered by their insurance carrier. Subscribers are responsible for forwarding any payments received directly from their insurance company the City of Owasso Ambulance Service upon receipt.

Eligibility and Rates

Does the City of Owasso pick up your trash? If yes, you live inside the city limits. You are already enrolled in the ambulance service and pay for it on your water bill.

Are you an Owasso resident outside the city limits and you are not currently paying for the subscription on your water bill? You are eligible for the service. Follow the link to enroll.

Do you live in an Apartment complex? If yes, more than likely, you are not enrolled; however you are eligible for the service. Follow the link to enroll.

Do you or a family member live in an assisted living facility or nursing facility? If yes, more than likely, you are not enrolled; however you are eligible for the service. (The ambulance subscription service does not cover non-emergency, inter-facility transfers.) Follow the link to enroll.

Rates are as follows:

  • Under 65 inside city limits $48.00 per year
  • 65 & Over inside city limits $24.00 per year
  • Under 65 outside city limits $84.00 per year
  • 65 & Over outside city limits $60.00 per year

If you are interested in participating in the City of Owasso's Ambulance Subscription program, please complete the Ambulance Subscription Form here. You will also need to make a payment on the account. To submit a payment, you may either pay over the phone with a credit card by calling 918-376-1555, or you may pay with cash, check, or credit card during business hours at City Hall. Checks payable to City of Owasso. *Please note, your ambulance subscription will not be active until payment has been received on the account.

For questions and further information, please contact the City of Owasso at 918-376-1555.