Youth and Family Programs and Activities

Mariah Brown

Great progress has been made in founding and growing our Youth and Family Program during the past year. I am very grateful to have assisted during that time, and I am eager to continue to do so as I step into the role of Youth and Family Program Coordinator.

My vision is to continue building the Owasso Community Center into a gathering place for all citizens to have enrichment and growth through leisure, culture and education! I hope to bring quality programming and events that will keep expanding the scope of the Community Center into a destination for youth and families in Owasso.

We have many exciting events upcoming for our fall season- our ‘Painting with Friends’ classes continue to be a success, along with other staple programs like Karate and ‘Tippi Toes’ dance classes. We will have several other classes and programs during this time, all of which led by talented and experienced instructors.

Mariah Brown

-Youth and Family Program Coordinator