Alarm Ordinance Information

On July 5, 2017, the Owasso City Council approved a new alarm ordinance. This was the end result of a long process of investigation and discussion about how to produce the best results in preventing false alarms and providing customer service to the citizens of Owasso.

Owasso Police staff conducted considerable research into how to reduce false alarms. The best practices of alarm reduction strategies from around the country were studied. Other cities have seen considerable reductions in alarms using the model we have enacted via the new ordinance.

The money being generated from the program in the form of registrations and false alarm fees is being used to pay for management of the alarm registration process and, to a lesser degree, offset some of the costs of responding to alarms. It is estimated that responding to false alarms currently costs over $50,000 in taxpayer dollars each year.

Current City of Owasso Alarm Ordinance (PDF)

Current City of Owasso Alarm Fee Resolution (PDF)

Legislative History

Follow the links to open up an interactive web page which will allow you to listen to the audio files and download documents related to the development of the Alarm Ordinance. Select the blue links in the document to jump to the applicable section of audio. Select the Adobe Acrobat icon next to the agenda item to download the related document.

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