Vision 2025 Projects For Owasso

The City of Owasso was notified in 2014 that excess funds collected from the Tulsa County Vision 2025 sales tax would become available for Tulsa County communities in 2015. Revenue from the Vision 2025 propositions voters originally approved in 2003 was divided among the communities and Tulsa County. After the initial round of projects, the County approved $45.5 million in additional funds for City of Tulsa to complete the BOK Center and improvements at the Tulsa Regional Convention Center. It was agreed that once an equal amount of excess funds had been collected, it would be made available to the remaining communities. Disbursement to communities was determined by population. Owasso's portion was over $6.8 million.

Owasso followed a thorough process of project selection before submitting to the Tulsa County Vision Authority. This process included input from City staff; a recommendation from the Owasso Capital Improvement Committee; public input; and a resolution from the Owasso City Council. In May, 2015, The Tulsa County Vision Authority approved the following projects for Owasso:

 Intersection improvements at East 19th Street and North Garnett Road (At Academy Sports and Outdoor)
 Status: Completed
 Intersection improvements at East 76th Street North and Main Street (Continuation of an original Vision project to improve downtown)
 Status: Completed
 Owasso Sports Complex field lighting and shade structures
 Status: Light installation complete
 Owasso Sports Complex parking lot construction and improvements
 Status: Completed
 Feature spray park (to be located at the south portion of the Owasso Sports Complex)
 Status: Surveying and design
 Expansion of the existing Rayola Park spray pad
 Status: Completed
 Community Dog Park (to be located on 8 acres of land donated east of McCarty Park)
 Status: Completed
 Festival Market Place (downtown area)
 Status: Out to bid. Anticipated completion March 2019
 Heart Healthy 5k Trail (Owasso Sports Complex)
 Status: Surveying and design
 Ranch Creek Trail (east of Main Street from 76th to McCarty Park)
 Status: Pending
 Skate Park lighting
 Status: Completed
 Elm Creek Shelter
 Status: Design and Bid preparation

Below is the presentation used for the Public meeting and the Owasso City Council.