Senior Adult Programs and Activities

Jean Patterson

We are seeing a wonderful uptick in both new members coming in, and long-time members returning from COVID hiatus. In fact, in the month of May, our members signed in over 1300 times! In April we had 1260 sign-ins; in March it was 1148. So as people are getting vaccinated and feeling safe again, they are returning to activities and community. And that may be the most potent intangible loss we all felt as a result of COVID: the absence of community. It is enormously gratifying that so many area seniors are coming here for that sense of belonging.

People groups are really keeping us busy these days. We have added new activities and events, we’re scheduling groups that had been on COVID hiatus for a year or so, and we’re seeing new members sign up almost daily. It’s awesome!

On June 1 we will be a site for screening by Central States Research to invite members to participate in a preventative Alzheimer’s research project. The first week in June the Owasso Golden Agers Foundation will be holding it’s delayed membership drive. They will have a table set up in our foyer, and a member will be able to assist you in signing up and getting your membership card. On June 8 we’ll have voting for a Tulsa Public Schools bond issue. Bridge Club, Writer’s Club, and Alzheimer’s Caregivers’ Support Groups are all coming back. June 18 will be the next meeting of our Grief Support Group. Please call Beth or me to make a reservation for lunch.

On July 12, we’re going to have an informative presentation by Mr. John Wright, the Tulsa County Assessor. He’s going to explain how your property is valued, how can you protest that valuation, what tax exemptions you may qualify for, and other important issues. He’ll be here at 10:20 that day for an hour that will include Q & A time.

On July 29 there will be a blood drive here from 11:00 a.m. til 7:00 p.m. The OK Blood Institute has been working tirelessly to amp up their emergency blood supplies. And let’s face it: we never know when we might need it! Please consider donating if you can.

In case I haven’t told you before, I’m really glad to see you coming back!

Jean Patterson, Sr. Adult Program Coordinator