GrOwasso 2035 Land Use Master Plan

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Development of the Land Use Master Plan included input from citizens, significant land holders, business and political leaders, the real estate community, Owasso Public Schools, and other stakeholders.  Additionally, communication with other adjoining jurisdictions regarding their own long range plans was taken into account.  The Plan also accounts for scheduled and recent infrastructure improvements, particularly relating to wastewater collection and expansion as well as transportation improvements.

As adopted, the Land Use Master Plan will be a policy document providing guidance to City officials as they develop future budgets, plan for expansion of infrastructure and other services, and make important land use decisions.  As a policy document, the Plan is different from a regulatory document like the Owasso Zoning Code.  Although the Zoning Code and the Plan are both officially adopted by the Owasso City Council, only the Zoning Code sets forth regulations that are legally binding.  The Land Use Master Plan is an official statement by the City of its vision, intentions, goals, action plans, and strategies for future land use development.

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The Land Use Master Plan is a long term general guide for a desired future development pattern and is not an inflexible or rigid document unresponsive to different land use scenarios that may occur over the next 20 years. During preparation of the Plan, there is no way to predict with any degree of certainty all of the changes that may occur in Owasso and surrounding area over the next 20 years.  Recognizing that unforeseen changes occur, the Plan is a flexible document that provides a reliable tool for evaluating development proposals.  There are procedures set to allow amendments to the Plan where warranted.  Amendments will be evaluated based on how they maintain the goals of the Plan and if the change would be consistent with the overall concepts of the Plan.  

The GrOwasso 2035 Land Use Master Plan was adopted by the City Council on August 17, 2022 under Resolution 2022-12. 
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