Planning & Zoning


The Planning Division in the Community Development Department is responsible for all current planning and long-range planning project activities. An important function of the Planning Division is assisting customers with the various processes associated with the development of private property in the City of Owasso. The Planning Division handles several applications that are related to development happening within the city limits of Owasso. Process guides and flow charts are available for these applications and checklists, explaining how they are evaluated and approved by the City at various levels of review. 

The Planning Division also serves as staff liaison to numerous Boards and Committees including the Owasso City Council, the Owasso Planning Commission, and the Owasso Board of Adjustment

For the most accurate and up-to-date zoning information refer to the Owasso GIS Mapping Tool. To see what current developments are occurring in the City, please refer to the Current Development Projects page. For any other planning, zoning, or development questions, contact the Planning Division at

Infographic explaining the Owasso planning process

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