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Red Cross Tornado Application

The Red Cross has developed a Tornado Application that will alert the user in the event of severe storms and tornados. The alerts are received from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Tornado warnings sound an audible alert. The application also has useful information regarding storm preparedness, the location of emergency Red Cross shelters, and a way for the user to alert others that they are safe. 

Included is a toolkit to help let others know where you are with the installed strobe light, flashlight, and audible alert functions. The app is now available in the iTunes App Store and at Google Play. Select the tornado application icon for more information, or call REDCROSS (7-332-7677) from your cell phone to receive a link. To learn more about the Tulsa Red Cross please visit their website.

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Helping at a National Level

Emergency Management is most known for its coordination and resource management function, which assists response and recovery efforts during disasters and other emergencies.

Emergency Managers exist at the federal level through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), at the state level through the Oklahoma Department of Civil Emergency Management, and at the local level representing cities, towns, and counties.

Emergency Managers support response and recovery efforts in times of disaster. They coordinate the identification, deployment, and use of needed resources by police, fire, and other emergency responders.

Helping at a Statewide Level

In the last few years alone, Emergency Managers have helped Oklahomans during a bridge collapse, wildfires, floods, tornados, ice storms, hazardous materials incidents, a school shooting, and drought conditions. Our disaster response network has helped get drinking water and food to those who had none, generators where electric power service was out, additional law enforcement personnel in disaster areas, fire suppression where flames threatened homes and lives, and hay to livestock where the ground was left barren.

Emergency Managers also work to prevent and decrease the effects of disasters through mitigation efforts. One example of such work is our preparedness messages for Severe Storm Season, like the one just around the corner beginning in March.

Owasso Emergency Management

The staff of Owasso Emergency Management continues in its pre-planning efforts for disasters and other major emergencies that could affect the citizens of Owasso. We operate and maintain an Emergency Operations Center which is activated during emergencies and/or severe weather events, maintain and operate the storm sirens, maintain the emergency operations plan for our city government and community response during an emergency, maintain the Storm Shelter Registration Program for our community, assist with emergency response training to various types of incidents for our police, fire, and ambulance departments. These are just a few of the many functions that involve the City of Owasso Emergency Management department. Tours of the center can be arranged by calling Donald Lynch at 918-272-3828.

Helpful Information:

  1. Donald Lynch

    Emergency Management Specialist

  2. Emergency Management

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    207 S Cedar
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