Fire Prevention Association

The Owasso Fire Prevention Association Trust (OFPA) was formed in 1990 as an answer to the need for public fire education within the City of Owasso.

The goal of the OFPA was to raise money to fund fire prevention education to the school children of the Owasso area. As our community both grew and changed, the mission of the OFPA changed also.

In 1994 the OFPA started the "Partners in Prevention" program. This program was a vehicle that allowed for networking of local businesses and organization to assist the OFPA in obtaining our goals.

Fire Prevention in Schools

Partners in Prevention

With the community changes, the OFPA also widened its goals from just fire prevention to include life safety education as part of its focus. The Partners in Prevention program gave the OFPA the flexibility it needed to adapt to this new goal.


Key supporters of the Partners in Prevention program have been Mr. Michael Watson and Allstate Insurance. Mr. Watson became the front runner for the Partners in Prevention program and has been very effective in helping us reach our goals.


Many of our community programs have included:

  • Public fire education, approximately 5,000 children a year
  • Youth rodeos
  • Child safety training
  • Fingerprinting and home DNA kits
  • Sponsoring a school to learn not to burn
  • Helping to man booths at special events for fire prevention
  • Helping with golf tours to raise money for OFPA


The secondary mission of the OFPA is the preservation and historical aspect of the fire service as a means of education. We feel that by preserving the past, and the sense of nostalgia it brings, we can reach more people with our message of life safety and fire prevention.