Utility Rates

Utility rates are approved by the Owasso City Council and by the Owasso Public Works Authority (OPWA). Sewer rates will be the only increase for 2021.  The new rate is effective October 1st, 2021.

*Note: Water rates for customers outside city Limits have been established by OPWA Resolution to be 20% greater than rates for customers inside city Limits.

All water for City of Owasso customers is purchased from the City of Tulsa.

Water - Minimum Meter Charge for First 1,000 gallons
Meter SizeInside City LimitsOutside City Limits
1 1/2-Inch$15.72$18.86
 Hydrant$75.00 N/A
Usage Tier Rates
First 1,000 gallonsMinimum Meter ChargeMinimum 
2,000 gallons$7.66$9.19
3,000-5,000 Gallons$7.71$9.25
6,000-10,000 Gallons$7.76$9.31
11,000-20,000 Gallons$7.80$9.36
21,000 Gallons or More$7.85$9.42

How Sewer Bill Is Calculated (PDF)Inside City LimitsOutside City Limits
Each Additional 1,000 Gallons$4.36$5.23
To calculate sewer rate for existing customers - use prior to 3 months winter usage:
December / January / February usage / 3 x 4.36 (rate per 1,000 gallons) +10.01 base = sewer rate
For New Customers with no prior usage:

0 to 2,000 Gallons (1 Person Household)$17.83$21.40
2,001 to 5,000 Gallons (2 Person Household)$30.28$36.34
5,001 to 7,500 Gallons (3 Person Household)$40.66$47.05
7,501 to 9,000 Gallons (4 Person Household)$46.88$56.26

Storm Water
Inside City LimitsOutside City Limits
(based on total impervious area)
(min per month)

Inside City LimitsOutside City Limits
Each 90 Gallon Polycart (Green Cart)Residential $16.95$16.95

Commercial $18.95$18.95

Yard Waste Cart (Optional)
Inside City LimitsBag Rate
Each 90 Gallon Polycart (Red Cart)$14.95$9 (10 bags)
Fee Mandated By Owasso City Council
effective as of April 1, 2015

Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits
Senior Rate (65+) $2
Senior Rate: RWD #3 (Wash. & Rogers) 65+ must apply (PDF) for $2 refund or contact City of Owasso, utility billing 918-376-1500$4