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Nextdoor is a private social network designed specially for neighborhoods. Nextdoor allows residents to securely communicate with other residents within their neighborhood, or nearby neighborhoods.  Nextdoor is FREE, and it’s easy to sign up.

The City on Nextdoor

In 2014, the City of Owasso joined Nextdoor, as an agency site. It allows the City to communicate directly to residents, yet the City is not able to see secure communication between residents.  This means the City can provide important information, without compromising the privacy Nextdoor provides. 

Learn how to interact with the City on Nextdoor.

Basic Information About Nextdoor

Find articles on how Nextdoor Member Resources, signing up, neighborhood leads,using Nextdoor, features you can utilize and more.

Starting a Next Door Neighborhood Site

To make it easier for Owasso neighborhoods to join, the City provided map data of Owasso’s neighborhood boundaries to Nextdoor. Visit Nextdoor to see if a site has been created for your neighborhood. If not, you may be the first to start one. Browse articles on Starting a Neighborhood Page.

Founding Members

The person who starts a page for a neighborhood is considered the Founding Member. Once the site has been established, you may begin inviting neighbors to join. Visit the Nextdoor website for more information on inviting neighbors.

Neighborhood Leads

These members have the ability to organize the site and other tasks. Leads include the Founding Member, but others may also be Neighborhood Leads. Read articles on Neighborhood Leads.

How to Use Nextdoor

There are many ways to use Nextdoor, send messages, post photos, create events and more. View the articles on how to use the site.

Verifying Your Address

Nextdoor will only allow members to join if they can verify their address in the neighborhood. This is a security mechanism that ensures only you and your neighbors are able to join the page. Find articles on verifying addresses.

Nearby Neighborhoods

One of the benefits of Nextdoor is the ability to share information with nearby neighborhoods. Residents can control what is shared with nearby neighborhoods. Browse articles on how to utilize the Nearby Neighborhoods features.

Privacy & Safety

Read articles about maintaining your privacy on Nextdoor.

Guidelines and Policies

Guidelines describe what’s allowed on Nextdoor, and how you can help keep Nextdoor neighborly. Find articles on policies.

  1. Jerry Fowler

    Neighborhood Coordinator

  2. Lori Lane

    Neighborhood Administrative Coordinator

  3. Neighborhoods

    Physical Address
    200 S Main Street
    Owasso, OK 74055

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 180
    Owasso, OK 74055

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