Applying for Jobs

Four basic principles form the foundation of City of Owasso's management philosophy and vision:

  1. Together, we must create an environment in which individuals know their ideas and work are valued equally
  2. An environment in which they know they can take risk
  3. Not uncalculated risk, but allow people to be creative and solve problems by taking risk within the parameters of the training, supervision, and support system available
  4. If a mistake is made, you support the individual so that both of you learn from that mistake and learn not to make it again.

Please submit a separate application and/or resume for each position for which you are interested. Links are provided below for emailing a resume or for completing an online application. Minimum requirements and position summaries can be found by clicking on the appropriate link under current openings.

If Applying in Person Mail to

City of Owasso
Attention: Human Resources
P.O. Box 180
200 S. Main Street
Owasso, OK 74055

Phone: 918-376-1500
Fax: 918-274-3415

City of Owasso is an equal opportunity employer.