Fees Ordinances & Fines

Shelter Fees
Animal Impound$25. Per animal.
Daily Care$10. Per animal, per day.
Animal Surrender$10. Adoptable pet.
$25. Unadoptable pet with sedation/euthanasia/cremation.
Tranquilization$25. Per animal.
After Hours Call$50.
Livestock Call$50. Hourly.
Personalized Engraved Pet Tag$5. Each.
Cat Adoption - Includes: FIV and FeLV combo test, spay/neuter, Rabies vaccine, FRCP vaccine, 1 month of Frontline (applied to cat), deworming, and microchip implant and registration.$75.
Dog Adoption - Includes: Heartworm test, spay/neuter, Rabies vaccine, DA2PPL+CV vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, 1 month of Frontline (applied to dog), deworming, and microchip implant and registration.$75.
Adoption Other - Dogs/cats that are already spayed/neutered, and other domesticated animals.
City Ordinances & Fines
4-102 Dog At Large$160.
4-107 Barking Dog/Nuisance Animal$210.
4-110 Allowed Number Of Animals Exceeded (limit of 2 dogs, 3 cats).
4-119 Failure To Remove Animal Excrement$210.
4-120 Failure To Vaccinate (Rabies)$210.
4-122 Vicious Animal$560.
4-140 Animal Cruelty$260.
4-144 Selling Or Giving Away Animals$210.
4-147 Failure To Spay Or Neuter$210.
10-610 Providing False Information $560.
All Other Violations Not Listed$210.

A complete and official version of Part 4, Animal Regulations, of the Owasso Code of Ordinances may be viewed online.