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We are the municipal animal shelter for the City of Owasso Animal Control.  We are not a "no kill" facility.  We are open 7 days a week, from 9 am-5 pm, closed on holidays.  We are located at 500 S. Main St. Owasso, Oklahoma.  We service Owasso city limits only.  Please note that there are only 3 Animal Control Officers for the entire City, and at times there is only 1.  We are often out in the field handling calls during business hours.  We recommend that you call 918-272-4965 before coming down to ensure someone is here.

Our 3 Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcing the City's animal control ordinances and providing temporary housing and care for stray and unwanted animals for the City of Owasso.  Stray animals are held for 3 business days, then available for disposition (adoption, rescue, or euthanasia). 

Unwanted pets (cats and dogs only) are accepted at the discretion of the Animal Control Officer from citizens who reside inside Owasso city limits.  Appointments are required.  All dogs MUST have current Rabies, DA2PP, & Bordatella vaccines administered by a licensed veterinarian and proof is required.  All cats MUST have a current Rabies vaccine administered by a licensed veterinarian and proof is required.  Please call us to schedule an appointment.  ID and proof of residency in Owasso city limits is required.
Unwanted cat fee: $10./per cat
Unwanted dog fee: $25./per dog

We do not handle wildlife.  Please contact the Game Warden at 918-640-0316 for assistance or visit:  

For after hours emergencies please call 918-272-2244.  Ignore the prompts and wait for an Owasso Police dispatcher to answer.

Reporting Lost/Found Animals

If you find a lost/stray animal you do not have to turn it over to us.  You are welcome to hold onto the animal and try to locate the owner yourself.  However, you must report the animal to us as required by Owasso city ordinance 4-182 Possession of Stray Animals: "No person shall, without knowledge and consent of the owner, possess for more than twenty-four (24) hours, any animal that he does not own without first reporting such possession to the animal control division, giving his name, address, and telephone number, a true and complete description of the animal, and the circumstances under which the animal came into his possession..." We also recommend posting the animal online on one of the many local Facebook pages for lost/found animals as well as Nextdoor. 

To report a lost/found animal, please email the animal shelter. Be sure to include a picture of the animal, the location lost/found, and your contact information.

  1. Christine Hemsoth

    Animal Control Officer

  2. Brandon Hemsoth

    Animal Control Officer

  3. Jason Arnold

    Animal Control Officer

  4. Police Dispatch

  5. Animal Shelter

    Physical Address
    500 S Main Street
    Owasso, OK 74055

    Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Designated Holidays

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