Senior Adult Programs and Activities

Jean Patterson

 We are constantly striving to meet the existing needs and also to bring new options to our participants and the public in general, through regularly scheduled activities as well as commu nity events.

Upcoming in the spring ahead is a dedicated computer class time. This will include basic usage guidance, online safety and security, and introduction to some research tools.

We have new programs right now to entice our members to become more active and have more fun. These include a ballet barre class that will improve balance and lower-body strength. There’s a monthly Karaoke session on the 2nd Thursday at 3:00. Come sing! It’s good for you! We’re also going to host a Firearms Safety Class on Thursday, March 15. Sign up at the MSD. No guns allowed, mock weapons provided.

As warm weather starts to move in, let’s remember a couple of things about being a “senior”: We have worked hard to be here – we didn’t give up. The more we do, the more we can do. Welcome Spring!!

Jean Patterson

-Senior Adult Program Coordinator