Animal Shelter

Speaking with an Officer
When calliing the Animal Shelter you will often get an aswering machine.

Please understand that Animal Control Officers are often out of the shelter handling calls or assisting other customers. At times, there is only one Animal Control Officer for the entire city.

Please leave a detailed message including a call back number. One of the Officers will return your call when they return to the shelter.
Reporting an Animal
Report lost or found animals immediately! City ordinance 4-182: it is unlawful to possess a stray animal for more than 24 hours without first reporting such possession to the Animal Shelter.

Impounded animals are held for 3 days and are then available for disposition. Persons reporting lost or found animals are required to report the lost animal in person or online; phone reports will not be taken. Please check the shelter often or check the Owasso Lost and Found Pets Facebook page for information. Please email the animal shelter to report a lost or found animal.
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